Fair Oaks EcoHousing  A family-friendly green neighborhood



Our members come from diverse backgrounds.  We do not subscribe to any belief system except for a shared agreement about our Vision and Values.  We are interested in living together in a supportive neighborhood with a balance of privacy and community. We invite you to join us!

Celebrating Approval 4-13-15
Future Residents of Fair Oaks EcoHousing Celebrating Approval on 4-13-15

MARTY MASKALL is a web designer, author, and publisher.  She is the owner of Attitude Works Publishing and Attitude Works Web Design. She has published two books of inspiring quotations: The Attitude Treasury: 101 Inspiring Quotations, and The Athena Treasury: 101 Inspiring Quotations by Women.

When Marty visited Southside Park Cohousing in downtown Sacramento several years ago, she fell in love with the beautiful common green.  She says she was inspired by the vision of a friendly community where neighbors know and care about each other.  She decided she wanted to live in cohousing.   She loves hiking, swimming, traveling, and bird-watching.  She has been a member of the Sunrise Center Toastmasters Club for over 30 years, and she has earned her Distinguished Toastmaster Rating (DTM).

Marty has lived most of her life in California.  She has lived in Fair Oaks since 1981, and she enjoys attending its festivals, park concerts, and plays in the Amphitheater.  Marty is proud of being instrumental in the successful effort to raise money to protect the Fair Oaks Bluff, a 4.5 acre Park/Preserve with a stunning view of the American River.

SUBHASH CHAND was born in India and trained as a mechanical engineer.  He came to the United States to attend Purdue, where he earned an M.B.A.  He moved to California and ended up working as a Marketing Manager.  He has two grown children. Since retiring, he spends his time bird watching, gardening, and traveling. He and Marty love to travel together.  

ROSLYN ELIASER (or Roz, as she likes to be called) is originally from Sacramento.  After high school, Roz moved to Sonoma County, where she had a 30 year career as a police officer and District Attorney Investigator.  When she retired, she return to Sacramento and began a second career as a real estate agent with Keller Williams.

Roz moved to the Sacramento area to be closer to her family and friends.  She was also drawn by home prices that are lower than in the Bay Area.  She likes the proximity to the airport, as she makes frequent trips to San Diego to visit her son.  She is thrilled to be so close to Lake Tahoe, where she loves to spend time in both summer and winter.

In college, Roz was an Environmental Studies Major. She says she has always been concerned about the environment and our effect on this planet.  This was one of the reasons for her interest in Fair Oaks Eco-cohousing.  She says: “I always thought there should be some way to share with neighbors that would make things easier for ourselves and the planet.”

For fun, Roz likes to kayak, bird watch, camp, and hike. She says the Central Valley is close to all the outdoor and nature activities she enjoys.
LINDA TANFORAN grew up in Vacaville, back when it was a small town with one high school and no traffic lights.  Her grandmother lived across the street, and several aunts, uncles and cousins lived in town.

After attending Sacramento City College, Linda worked for a local doctor as a medical secretary.  After marriage, Frank and Linda bought a ranch in Pleasant Grove, where she learned about raising cows. The raising of children came naturally.  Frank and Linda spent 33 years on the ranch, raising cows and children. Besides ranching, Linda has worked at a variety of jobs over the years, including school secretary, medical transcriber, case manager, and most recently, in the office of the Cal Expo Police Department.

Linda enjoys bike riding and hikes with a hiking group.  Tent camping and reading are also favorite activities. Gardening is also a longtime passion.  Linda says there is nothing as satisfying as growing tasty tomatoes! 

She first learned about cohousing at a talk given at her church. Subsequent reading on the topic and a visit to Nevada City Cohousing reinforced the conviction that this is how she would prefer to live.
FRANK TANFORAN was born in the city of Sonoma but grew up in San Anselmo, about 18 miles north of San Francisco.  He graduated from the College of Engineering, U.C. Berkeley in 1959. The campus employment office said there was a company named Aerojet in Sacramento that was looking for engineers. They made something called rockets and so Frank became a rocket scientist.
After purchasing a cattle ranch in Pleasant Grove, Frank became a cattle rancher.  But to help support the ranch, Frank worked for Aerojet, Spreckels Sugar, the Burke Company, and the County of Sacramento.
Since retiring, Frank builds and flies (and frequently repairs) radio controlled model airplanes.  Tent camping with Linda (and with their children whenever they are available) is high on Frank’s fun list.

LINDA HOLMES -- After 25 years working as a partner and president of School Facility Consultants, Linda retired in 2012.  She had a phenomenal career assisting School Districts in obtaining funding for building new schools and modernizing their older ones.  In 2009, Linda experienced a series of life-changing events including the passing of her mother, followed by the engagement and wedding of her daughter.  These life-altering events culminated in a bit of mid-life crisis or as Linda lovingly refers to it "a mid-life opportunity, retirement." 


Retiring has afforded Linda the time to travel abroad, including a trip to Peru and Mexico and the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Hawaii.  Linda has taken this time to holistically improve her health, and she is healthier than she's been in over 15 years.  Linda is currently living in Carmichael.  You will often find her enjoying the local zumba and yoga classes.


Linda says she is very excited to be a future resident of the Fair Oaks EcoHousing Community!  She says, "Living in an intentional cohousing community has always fascinated me.  Learning to live with less stuff in an eco-friendly environment, actively participating and supporting a community that respects and cares for one another, while still allowing for a private home to call my own, greatly appeals to me."

PAT McVICAR was born in Sacramento but her Dad’s Air Force career meant they moved often, including: Omaha, Nebraska; Arlington, Virginia; Montgomery, Alabama; and Oslo, Norway.  She met her future husband at a branch of the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany. They lived for a time in Pacifica (in the Bay Area) and San Diego, before moving to Fair Oaks.

Pat retired after 19 years as Assistant Director of the Area 4 Agency on Aging, where she oversaw strategic planning and grant making decisions. Prior to the Area Agency on Aging, Pat was the Administrative Director of the Sacramento Science Center.  She is an active member of the Friendship Force, a cultural exchange travel club, committed to achieving mutual understanding among citizens of the world through home stay visits.

Pat has been interested in cohousing since working at the Area Agency on Aging. She says it is an ideal housing option for older empty-nesters, seeking a sense of community.  Pat is a widow and has three grown children who are very pleased that she is moving into cohousing.


GINA MASSEY moved her family to the Sacramento area 14 years ago from the Mendocino North Coast. She says she was drawn by the bluer skies and warmer weather. She also finds the proximity to rivers and mountains makes this area very desirable for easy access to outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, and hiking. 


Gina says that her interest in cohousing was sparked ten years ago when she participated in a dinner at N St cohousing in Davis. Then when her daughter decided to live in a cohousing community while attending college, she became even more interested. The concept of shared spaces and meals, finding consensus over important decisions, and really getting to know, and frequently connecting with her neighbors was very appealing to Gina.


Gina has been a nurse for almost 40 years, predominantly working in geriatrics.  Currently, she works in home care part-time and specializes in wound and ostomy patients. Gina owns a six-bed Assisted Living Home in Roseville, with a similar philosophy to cohousing: a commitment to knowing, caring, and helping others. 

BOB OYAFUSO grew up in the Aloha state on the island of Maui as one of 12 siblings.  After high school, he joined the Army and served most of three years in Ft. Bliss, Texas.  He has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and has spent over 30 years working in the hi-tech industry. Bob is semi-retired, but he continues to work ten hours a month as a Consultant.

FRAN OYAFUSO grew up in Southern California.  Following her divorce, she moved to Northern California to work in a medical office. When Bob and Fran married in 1981, Bob inherited an instant family of five children. 
At an early age, Fran displayed a talent for drawing.  She studied art in college and never stopped drawing and painting. Fran and Bob enjoyed many trips to Italy, where they enjoyed the food, beauty, and art.  Another passion of Fran’s was dream interpretation, and for many years, she facilitated dream workshops. 
About three years ago Fran was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Bob began to look into more suitable housing and living arrangements for Fran and himself.  He says it took only a brief introduction to cohousing and a warm reception from Fair Oaks EcoHousing to convince him this was the housing option for them.

MARY CLAUS grew up in West Sacramento and had the good fortune to attend a small country high school in Clarksburg, down the river from her home town. She went on to Sacramento State and San Francisco State before graduating with a degree in English from UC Davis. She worked in small local newspapers, followed by a career in state government as an information officer and publications manager, retiring in 2004.

Mary learned about cohousing through the Renaissance Society, a group for continued learning in retirement. She became interested in the idea of living in a “village” designed and run by people who share values of cooperation and community.

A gardener, bird lover, movie fan, and passable home cook, Mary also enjoys painting in watercolor and acrylics, as well as visiting local galleries.  Long a divorced mom, Mary has a grown daughter and 9 year old granddaughter in Elk Grove.  Mary lives in Sacramento in the Arden-Arcade area.

CHRIS HAVILAND was born and raised in Sacramento and has lived here his entire life, with the exception of a few years in Taiwan (working for a company that made Harley-Davidson Motorcycle parts) and a year on the beach in the LA area.  Chris graduated from CSU-Sacramento in 1997 with a BS degree in Computer Engineering.  Chris worked for Hewlett-Packard for eighteen years doing ASIC (computer chip) design.  He is a geek's nerd.  At one point, Chris had a spreadsheet which he used to calculate just how much money the hybrid upgrade on his car had saved him in gas costs.


Chris enjoys holding hands with Melody, racketball, chess, sudoku, and sushi.  He is dangerous in the kitchen.  He does not take himself seriously, so you should probably not take him seriously, most of the time, either.  He is looking forward to living in community.   


MELODY JONAK was born in southern California, grew up in the San Gabriel Valley & in Tucson, AZ. She moved to Placerville, CA with her family in 1992. She was a stay-at-home mom and raised three daughters, while always working part-time for "Chuck E. Cheese" money.


Once the nest was almost empty, Melody suddenly became widowed. After some time, she accepted that she would be alone the rest of her life, then along came Chris. Melody feels so lucky to have been blessed yet again with a wonderful man to share her life with.


Melody works in downtown Sacramento and loves to bake goodies to bring to her homeless customers. She enjoys playing any sort of game, from playing Candy Crush online, to playing Backgammon with Chris, to her monthly Bunco group. She is looking forward to living in a close-knit community where she can sit in the common house, just waiting for an opponent to join her in a game.


Chris and Melody live in Fair Oaks.  

DENISE & JEAN KNIGHT (daughter and mother) began thinking about downsizing a year ago. They saw an ad in the local newspaper about Fair Oaks EcoHousing.  They researched the idea, visited Nevada City cohousing, and fell in love with the aspect of living in such a community.  Denise said it reminded her of growing up in the 1950's. They like the idea of living in a small neighborhood where you know your neighbors, share some meals, and socialize locally.  Fair Oaks EcoHousing had all the amenities they were looking for: the Common House, the pool, the garden, and a pet-friendly community.


Denise has a Masters in Educational Counseling and works for the State helping disabled adults find jobs.  She is divorced with a grown son and a preteen granddaughter.


Jean is retired and spends much of her time working outdoors trying to maintain their large parcel of property in Fair Oaks. After 13 years, they are convinced the acreage is just too much for them to take care of.  They would much rather spend their time doing other things besides yard work!


For fun, they both enjoy traveling, swimming, spending time with grandkids and their beloved animals.  They live in Fair Oaks.

AL LAMPELL was born in Brooklyn, New York. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was 9 and moved back to New York when he was 12. He claims he speaks both East Coast and West Coast English. After earned a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering, he worked as an engineer for 44 years. His East Coast firm sent him out to California with his wife and children to start a Division on the West Coast. He later moved to Northern CA to work for a start-up in Silicon Valley.


In the early 1980’s, Al was introduced to A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and his life changed for the better. He has been teaching ACIM for about 30 years. He retired from engineering in 2003 and started Conscious Communication.  He now leads seminars in the Bay Area and teaches classes in Parenting, Anger Management, and communication. He volunteers for the Counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo as a mediator & facilitator for the Small Claims Court. He taught mediation at San Jose City College.

Al is a vegan (eats fish), distance walker, biker, yoga practitioner, and dancer.  He has a close relationship with both his children (daughter and son), their mates, and four amazing grandchildren.  He lives in Santa Clara.

DANA JENKS grew up in Fairfield, California. She joined the US Navy at the tender age of 17 and became a Photographer for a public affairs detachment at Treasure Island, CA. She later returned to UC Davis to get a BS in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. At Davis, she met Chris Jenks, her Lab TA, in a Chemistry class. Dana returned to school to earn a MS in Multicultural Education and a California teaching credential in Physics and Art. Chris and Dana lived in Davis for 15 years. They moved to Sacramento in 2005 and bought a house in East Sacramento. Dana currently works as a Physics, Automotive and Art teacher at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, the first public Waldorf high school in North America. She also runs the Access TV Hub for Rancho Cordova out of her art class. She is a Waldorf-trained teacher and also an avid cob artist and builder. Dana and Chris are raising their grandson Ben.

Dana first heard about cohousing in the ‘90s. She finally decided to try it out after realizing that she really wasn’t interested in homesteading as she dreamed about in college. Her interests include travel, alternative fuels, natural building, self-reflective art, photography, cinematography, anthroposophy, physics, camping, classic cars, and any craft you can imagine. She is looking forward to living in cohousing and hopes more Waldorf families will join. She can help students with physics and math tutoring and Waldorf educational support.

CHRIS JENKS was born in Illinois, but left when he was an infant and travelled globally with his family. The bulk of his childhood memories are in Saudi Arabia. Chris currently works for the California Energy Commission in the alternative transportation fuels unit. He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from UC Davis. He has worked in linux-based computer programming and website development. He has also done chemistry work on a volunteer basis in order to help make natural medicines for addiction treatment more available. He learned about cohousing and intentional communities in the ‘90s and always wanted to find a way to participate. Chris enjoys deep conversations about the meaning of life and finding answers to difficult spiritual questions. He also enjoys making computer-based automated systems and tutoring or training people, especially in areas of chemistry. Chris enjoys hiking and camping and growing useful or exotic plants, especially fruit trees. 

BEN is currently in pre-school at Camellia Waldorf and will be attending Sacramento Waldorf when he goes to kindergarten. He likes trains, trucks, sticks, music and nature walks with his grandma.

KATHY BURLESON grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, first studying computer programming. Fate took a turn though, and steered her 180 degrees into the field of technical theatre, and she went to CSU Sacramento and later UC Davis for an MFA in Theatre Design. She has designed lights or sets for various theatres in northern California, including Sacramento Theatre Company, Western Stage, and the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival, and currently is the Scenic/Lighting Designer and Chair of the American River College Theatre Department. Kathy’s husband was also in that field, and they enjoyed many years together working on shows.

Kathy’s likes include traveling to the mountains or cruising, seeing shows and museums, fixing up houses, and exploring computer software.

Kathy comes from a big family. Her fondness for cohousing came from family vacations at her grandmother’s farm in Mississippi where the farmhouse became the “common house” at holiday time for returning family members who slept in every building on the farm, and brought food galore to common meals. She remembers the craziness and warmth and kids running around and old folks rocking on the porch. She’s looking forward to establishing that sense of extended family with new neighbors here at Fair Oaks EcoHousing!

JOY REICHARD has lived most of her life in California, except for a three year stint in New York.  She joined Vista (Volunteers in Service to America) when she was twenty.  While serving, Joy fell in love with another volunteer.  She married him, and they raised her two sons, who have given her three wonderful grandchildren.


Joy found her niche in Human Resources doing recruitment and placement for a biotech company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After 20 years in various positions, she was laid off.  She went back to school for a Master’s Degree in Women’s Spirituality and certificates as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master. More recently, Joy has become licensed as an Interfaith Minister.


Since 2003, she has brought joy to others with her practice of coaching, hypnotherapy, and Reiki. As a minister’s daughter, she’s had a life-long interest in spirituality.  In 2007, Joy founded a women’s circle called ‘In Her Name’ which celebrates the Divine Feminine and the divinity and empowerment of all women.  Joy wrote a book entitled Celebrate the Divine Feminine, Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Women.


In 2016, Joy moved to Fair Oaks to set herself up for the next stage of her life.  She found Fair Oaks EcoHousing and realized she wanted to spend the next phase of her life with the community.  Joy is a bit of a trail blazer, and she loves being part of the team that is developing this amazing family-oriented cohousing development.  She opened an office across the street from the Fair Oaks EcoHousing site.  Learn more about Joy at JoyReichard.com.

ANNE BIRCHFIELD was born in San Diego and has also lived in Davis, Fair Oaks, and Orangevale.  She enjoys traveling, camping, books, pets, and kids! Her four children have given her nine lively grandchildren, six of whom are local. She chose to join the Fair Oaks EcoHousing group because it reminded her of  the wonderful community life she experienced while living at UC San Diego Family Housing. Anne recently retired from a 31-year career in K-8 Education, and looks forward to expanding her horizons! Her youngest daughter would also like you to know that she has a sweet spot for dark chocolate and Jane Austen remakes, and that she cooks a mean casserole.

KAREN EDSON is a fourth generation Californian who grew up in Eureka. She spent her summers in the redwoods along the Eel River, as well as camping and hiking in the Trinity Alps and Klamath Mountains. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she went to work on environmental issues in the office of State Senator Peter Behr – a leader in the creation of Point Reyes National Seashore and author of California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. When his term ended, she joined the first Jerry Brown administration, leading to an appointment to the California Energy Commission where she served until early 1984. 

At the end of her term, she married, traveled for a year around the world (literally), and then founded a small consulting firm that represented renewable energy producers, industrial firms with combined heat and power, and electric vehicle interests. After a respite from consulting, she joined the California Independent System Operator in 2005 as Vice-President of Policy and Client Services. Karen retired in 2016 and is devoting time to her hobbies (quilting and kayaking), service on a national non-profit board, and a new puppy. She is an empty nester with two wonderful grown sons, one of whom lives in Sacramento.