Fair Oaks EcoHousing  A family-friendly green neighborhood



Fair Oaks EcoHousing will have frontages on both New York Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard.  The main entrance will be from New York Avenue.  By locating the garages and carports in this area, it maintains maximum views, light, and solar access for the neighbors to the north, on Monal Court.  The entry off New York Avenue has been enhanced with landscaping and more interesting garage facades with windows and trellises. 

The Fair Oaks Boulevard entrance will be only for emergency access.  Because of traffic noise, a sound wall is needed.  It has been set back from the street to protect the large Oak tree closest to Bob Lane.  We propose a 7 foot high wall on the street side, with landscaping. 

View 2.4 MB pdf of the Street frontages.

Scroll down to see jpegs of the proposed New York Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard frontages.