Fair Oaks EcoHousing  A family-friendly green neighborhood


Four key milestones drive this schedule:

  1. The need to get a design submitted to the County Planning Department as quickly as possible so as to assure we have planning approval before our purchase agreement requires us to close on the property,  
  2. Our property purchase contract requires us to purchase the property within 18 months (June 2015),
  3. Keeping costs down (time is money), and
  4. Our desire to start living in our beautiful new community as soon as possible. 

March – June 2014      Design Workshops for 30 townhomes and flats

July 21, 2014              Submit Planning Application to the County of Sacramento

July 2014 - Apr 2015   Work through the Planning Approval Process
Sep 3, 2014               Hearing at the Fair Oaks Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC)
                                   Recommended approval of our project by a unanimous vote of 6 to 0   
Sep 25, 2014             Review by the Sacramento County Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC)
                                   Recommended approval by an "enthusiastic unanimous vote" of 5 to 0
April 13, 2015            Hearing at the Sacramento County Planning Commission
                                   Project approved by a unanimous vote of 4 to 0 
June 23, 2015            Purchased 3.7 acre site at 4025 New York Avenue.
                                   We appreciate Sierra Vista Bank for helping to finance the land. 
July - Dec 2015          Complete Construction Drawings
Jan 2016                     Construction Docs submitted to Sacramento County.
June-Dec 2016            Seek construction financing

Fall 2016                    Project out to bid & Finalize loan (need at least 60% of homes committed)

Spring 2017               Start Construction
Spring 2018               Move in! 

Enjoy shared dinners in the Common House, work on landscaping, plant the garden, hang out at the pool, and generally live happily ever after...