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The New York Times recently called cohousing Modern Housing with Village Virtues. Read the article here.

neighborhoods are composed of privately owned homes clustered around shared open space and common facilities. A “common house” typically includes a dining room, kitchen, lounge, workshop space, kids’ playroom, and guest rooms; it is the heart of the neighborhood. Cars are kept to the edge of the site, thus making the neighborhood pedestrian-friendly and safe for children. Future residents are involved in the design and development so that it reflects their needs and priorities, creating a truly custom neighborhood.  Learn more about cohousing at 

Privacy in your home, community at your doorstep describes the balance inherent in cohousing communities. Living in cohousing still affords you plenty of time to yourself - in fact, greater than half of cohousers identify as introverts. We're pleased that living at Fair Oaks EcoHousing will allow us to effectively balance our varying needs for community and privacy.

Environmental sustainability is a core value in these neighborhoods, with smaller homes, green building attributes and renewable energy systems made possible by combined efforts and shared resources. On-site activities and companionship enable residents to socialize close to home and reduce their need to drive as much for day-to-day activities.

The Fair Oaks property offers close proximity to the American River Parkway and its miles of bike paths, as well as Fair Oaks Village, Bannister Park, Sacramento Waldorf School, and Rudolph Steiner College. Cohousing provides social, environmental, and economic benefits for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our EcoHousing vision places emphasis on building an inclusive, earth-friendly community that values each individual's uniqueness and fosters supportive relationships based on respect, cooperation, and fun.
Read more about our vision and values here.  

What does this look like in practice? To us at Fair Oaks EcoHousing, cohousing means an community-focused lifestyle; neighborhood friends to lean on in challenging times and celebrate with in joyful ones; a common house on site where we're guaranteed to drop-in on a delicious pot of soup or a lively conversation around the dinner table.

What will living in community mean for your well-being? Find out how to get involved here.  

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