Fair Oaks EcoHousing  A family-friendly green neighborhood

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Modern Housing with Village Virtues  

WELCOME!  We are planning to build Fair Oaks EcoHousing, a neighborhood of 30 homes in Fair Oaks, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento, California.  We are working with award-winning architect Chuck Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects and Katie McCamant of CoHousing Solutions


Our Vision is to create an inclusive, earth-friendly community that fosters supportive relationships based on respect, cooperation, and fun. 

We’re actively looking for others who share our vision to join us.
The Location:  We have purchased 3.7 acres of land at 4025 New York Avenue.  The site is close to the American River Parkway, Fair Oaks Village, Sacramento Waldorf School, Rudolf Steiner College, and Bannister Park.


We call ourselves both EcoHousing and Cohousing. 

What is EcoHousing?  EcoHousing allows community members to “tread lightly” on the earth by combining Smart Growth, Green Design, & Quality of Life:

Smart Growth: Infill development reduces suburban sprawl. Walkable neighborhood and on-site activities lower the need for driving.

Green Design includes energy-efficient buildings, environmentally-friendly building materials, a small footprint, fruit trees, organic gardens, and rain gardens (on-site water retention).

Quality of Life: Sense of Community in a Safe and Nurturing Environment.

We are proud to be endorsed by the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS). 

Read the Sustainable Living Summary (200K pdf).

What is Cohousing?  Cohousing offers a balance of privacy and community. Cohousing combines private homes with extensive community facilities to create neighborhoods that address the needs of working parents and seniors.  By combining private homes with a shared clubhouse and garden, residents experience the feeling of a small village where neighbors know and care about each other.  The club house is a hub of social activity for the residents and is also available as a meeting place for neighborhood gatherings.  All homes are owned by individual families, as with other market-rate condominiums.


Community video:  Watch the 8 minute video of La Querencia in Fresno to see a community in action. http://www.fresnocohousing.org/video-neighborly.html


For more information:

    Roslyn Eliaser ........... (916) 599-6549 or reliaser at sonic.net 

    Linda Tanforan .......... (916) 359-3742 or lmtanforan at gmail.com     

    Marty Maskall ........... (916) 967-2472 or mmaskall at gmail.com      

    www.cohousing.org .... The Cohousing Association of the U.S.


If you'd like to learn more about cohousing, the best place to start is Creating Cohousing:  Building Sustainable Communities, by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett.  It's available for $32.95 in Fair Oaks Village at BBQ Pro, 10136 Fair Oaks Blvd, or at your local bookstore. 


Email Discussion Group:  For a realistic window into the joys and challenges of daily life in community, go to http://cohousing.org/cohousing-l


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ECOS Endorsement
ECOS Endorsement
Exploring our Site
Exploring our Site
Fresno Cohousing Grand Opening
Fresno Cohousing Grand Opening